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Executive Coaching - Programme Overview

The Executive Coaching Programme

The coaching programme consists of a number of half-day sessions as follows:

  • First session will explore your objectives, review personal and career history, undertake a behavioural psychometric assessment, and set homework.
  • Second session, to take place at least a week after the first session, will include feedback on the psychometric assessment, discuss homework and prioritise areas on which to focus activity; this session will also include the setting of personal goals.
  • Third and subsequent sessions will review and evaluate progress, and identify areas for future development and activity.

Timescale For The Programme

Typically the programme runs for 6-8 months with a minimum of six half-day sessions. This is flexible and can be adjusted at any time. However your geographical location may suggest that sessions by telephone are more appropriate. If necessary, group work can be undertaken to enlarge the people's understanding of the team dynamic, to clarify goals and to achieve greater synergy between members. There are regular reviews throughout the process and in addition to a three month follow-up, many clients choose to schedule, on-going, twice yearly meetings to discuss current issues.