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Associated Assistance - Personal Career Management

"By the time you know where you ought to go, it's too late to go there; or, more dramatically, if you keep on going the way you are, you will miss the road to the future." Charles Handy

Personal Career Management

We recognise the need for individuals to take control of their careers and, having established the framework, offer, on a continuing basis, pragmatic advice and guidance.

In terms of your Career Management, do you really know:

Who you are? Yes No
Where you are going in your life? Yes No

Could you, without assistance:

List all your transferable skills Yes No
List all your life values Yes No
Rate your present position in a way that will help you define your career move Yes No
Identify your life and career goals Yes No
Explore your work experiences in preparation for interview questions Yes No
Analyse your past work and personal achievements Yes No
Analyse your personal/motivational strengths/weaknesses Yes No
Define quantitative and qualitative criteria for your job search Yes No
Plan your time without encouragement Yes No
Write an effective, professional CV Yes No
Network in a focused manner Yes No
Write an appropriate covering letter Yes No
Give good responses to interview questions Yes No
Devise a marketing plan for yourself Yes No

Some of you will be able to say "Yes" to many of these, but asking yourself the questions probably started you thinking about ......(?) Come and talk to us.


As individuals rise up through organisations or reach certain stages in life, sounding boards for ideas and 'health checks' on personal performance become more and more difficult, but more and more essential, particularly in the fast changing world of the new millennium. Additionally, the loss of company 'responsibility' for managing the careers of their staff has focused that responsibility very sharply on individuals. The availability of an independent third party with whom one can explore these issues can be extremely beneficial. This personal review of career and life can unlock inhibiting factors that could be contributing to mediocre performance, explore how to improve performance that is already above average or how to identify alternative opportunities.

What Does Personal Career Management Address?

  • Career Progression (What do I want, how can I achieve it and the right balance between career and life)
  • Business (Am I in the right role or could I change)
  • Managing People (myself, my colleagues, others)
  • Managing change
  • Communication and networking

The Personal Career Management Programme

The programme consists of a number of half-day sessions as follows:

  • First session will explore the objectives of the programme, review personal and career history, undertake a behavioural psychometric assessment, and set homework.
  • Second session, to take place at least a week after the first session, will include feedback on the psychometric assessment, discuss homework and prioritise areas on which to focus activity; this session will also include the setting of personal goals.
  • One extends one's limits only by exceeding them."M Scott Peck
  • Subsequent sessions will review and evaluate progress, and identify areas for future development and activity.

Personal Career Coaching: doing what you should be able to do yourself but external assistance makes it easier!

A case overview

He was in his late 30s, working for one of the major consulting companies. After 2 years on an Interim Management position in Holland, he decided that the goal of being a partner was not for him; he needed a change - but what? Counselled to understand his strengths, values, transferable skills, he was able to identify what motivated him and began to explore opportunities that matched his 'ideal job criteria'. After three months he was moving in a different direction, sure of his short to medium term goals.