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Associated Assistance - Career Transition Management

"We are all potentially free to know, go, do and be whatever we want to be."
K Nordström & J Ridderstråle – Funky Business

Career Transition Management


This is a process by which terminated employees are supported through the trauma of redundancy, and then encouraged, coached and managed to complete a successful career change in the shortest possible time.

Career Transition does not equate to placement: Our role is to guide the Company's management through the implementation of the decision to dismiss, and then to support and guide the redundant employees as they search for a new career opportunity.

Planning: We would hope to begin with a Planning Meeting. Once the decision to terminate is taken, we become part of the company's management team, and offer guidance on the planning for dismissal - the how, when, where and by whom issues, review the preparation for the exit interview and assist in the preparation of the release documentation - and in the publication of the termination, internally and externally.
The Exit Interview should proceed constructively, and with a minimum of unnecessary tension and trouble. Many redundancies become difficult to control due to poorly conducted Exit Interviews. Our role is to coach the executive carrying out this interview and attend where necessary.

Adjustment: Typically, released executives are upset, confused and uncomfortable. We provide a path for them to vent their emotions - and at the same time guide them to avoid precipitous and premature reactions.

Self Assessment: Self assessment is a cornerstone of the Career Transition process. An understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that make up the individual is key to successful planning of a future career. The awareness programme can include psychological appraisal testing - and additional planning and advisory services. The emphasis, at this point, is not on job search; that comes later. Rather, we create an appreciation of the opportunities available which fit the individual's criteria and skills.

Development Of Career Alternatives: We help the client to help themselves by the development of career alternatives. We encourage and assist in the research necessary to clarify and identify the type of industry, and the specific organisations that satisfy identified career objectives.

Marketing & Planning: It's important to be proactive, and to use marketing and planning skills to canvass our combined business networks, and to explore opportunities in the "hidden" job market. We provide training in prospecting and interview techniques. The objective is always Successful Career Transition. That means the right job - not just the next job. We review job offers with the client, and continually refer back to the agreed and chosen career objectives. We help to analyse the right opportunity, its risks, and its rewards. Acceptance of the right offer is the culmination of the programme. But it goes further. We work alongside the successful Career Transition Candidate to ensure that assimilation into the new organisation goes smoothly. Success comes with continuing support.

The last step is to provide the company with the Feedback that rewards your concern. We turn the trauma of job loss into opportunity. It's a satisfying and constructive process.